Friday, October 22, 2010

My Letter to the WSJ re: A Madman Wants to Rebalance the World's Economy

Subject: A Madman Thinks He Can Rebalance the World's Economy
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 15:40:12 -0400

re: Geithner's Goal: Rebalance the World's Economy

Dear Sirs:
Interviewing Timorthy Geithner must be a frightening experience, for it must soon become apparent that the man is stark raving mad. The very idea that he and his fellow bureaucrats in other countries believe that they can fathom the essence of the world's economy, decide which countries should be allowed to grow and to what extent, decide the statistical measures that would indicate which countries' growth rates are sustainable and which are not is patently preposterous. Countries which adopt capitalism and grant basic political and economic freedoms, most importantly the protection of property rights, will grow much faster than those who adopt less favorable policies. Would Mr. Geithner and his fellow madmen deem these countries to be pariahs and erect trade and capital barriers to prevent them from becoming more prosperous? Apparently the success of a free people would be an embarrassment to big government madmen such as Mr. Geithner; therefore, the rest of the world must mobilize to stop them.

Patrick Barron

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