Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Letter to the WSJ re: "Africa needs aid, not flawed theories" by Bill Gates

Re: "Africa needs aid, not flawed theories" by Bill Gates

Dear Sirs:

Poor Bill Gates. He is finding that even he cannot put the entire continent of Africa on the dole; therefore, government--meaning the rest of us--must chip in. Nor can he stop global warming all by himself (or is it "climate change"?), therefore, the rest of us have to submit to top down restrictions. His evidence of the efficacy of such top down policies is "declining air-pollution emissions in the U.S. ...that...has come about because of government regulations based on publicly funded science..." Well, Mr. Gates can spend his vast wealth in any way he desires, but he will find few of us common folk who share his optimism that aid to Africa will cure what ails it or that reducing our standard of living will do anything except, well, reduce our standard of living. Africa needs capitalism; that is, free markets, private property, protection of such property from criminals in and out of government, entrepreneurs, and most of all freedom. Mr. Gates can help Africa most by building Microsoft plants and offices there, employing Africans in the digital economy and training them in the methods of successful business. This is Mr. Gates' expertise. Then a modern Africa will be able to afford clean water and clean air. And Africa and the rest of the capitalist world will easily adapt to whatever change Mother Nature throws at us.

Patrick Barron

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