Monday, July 18, 2011

Corn, Corn Everywhere But Not an Ear to Eat

The 2011-12 U.S. corn crop is estimated at 12.5 billion bussells. The largest producer, by state, is Iowa at 2.2 billion bussells, followed by Illinois at 2.0 billion bussells, and Nebraska at 1.5 billion bussells. With all that corn one would think that corn-on-the-cob would be readily available in farmers' markets and grocery stores in the state of Iowa. But such is not the case. The tenth largest farmers' market in the nation is located in Iowa City, IA. Dozens of farmers offer their goods each Saturday morning from spring to fall. But last weekend not one ear of corn was offered for sale there. The largest grocery store in town is the Hy-Vee, part of a Midwestern chain of 220 grocery stores. There one can buy corn-on-the-cob...shipped to Iowa from Georgia. So where is all that great Iowa corn? I think it's hiding in your gas tank.

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  1. According to a friend: Iowa grows mostly feed corn - sweet corn is an entirely different thing. Sweet corn from Iowa is way better than from Georgia, but about a month later in the season.