Monday, February 27, 2012

My Comment to the Wall Street Jounal re: America's Iranian Self-Deception

Re: America's Iranian Self Deception

Here is the comment that I posted at the Wall Street Journal online in reference to this article about Iran attempting to acquire nuclear weapons:

Here's the bottom line: Iran is a sovereign nation. No other nation can morally dictate to Iran how it can defend itself. The West has accepted the fact for over a half century that many anti-Western nations have nuclear weapons--Russia, China, and now North Korea. Pakistan has nuclear weapons. India has nuclear weapons. Israel has nuclear weapons. Is it any wonder that Iran feels that it must have nuclear weapons in order to remain a sovereign nation? There is no reason that we have to trust Iran any more than we have to trust Russia, China, or North Korea. We DETER aggression from these nations by our own nuclear arsenal. We can do the same with Iran.

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  1. I'm worried that Iran, as opposed to the rest of the world, doesn't fear Mutally Assured Distruction (MAD).