Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Pox on Both Your Houses--my comments in the Daily Iowan

Re: Obama Criticizes Romney Plan

See my comments at the end of the Daily Iowan report. Unfortunately, neither candidate is discussing reality, which is that they have no way to make the economy do their bidding other than by restricting the freedom of others.

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  1. Patrick said, "a free market determines the state of the economy, and he believes the government needs to stop regulations that are hurting businesses of every kind."

    So where are the specifics? Patrick uses the same tricks as politicians, mouthing words and not specifics.

    I expect that a Ph.D. in economics is able to cite specifics with accurate numbers. Instead he mumbles from the side lines.

    Patrick would do well to lower his volume of letters to the editors and use his blog to post specifics. I presume is he is able, just not willing to do the dirty work?

    Ed K