Thursday, April 10, 2014

The real source of our economic problems--government regulation

Re: U.S. Gas Tantalizes Europe, but It's Not a Quick Fix

Multiple approvals from regulatory bodies has U.S. business tied in knots.  This story is typical. The U.S. has natural gas that it wants to sell and that foreign users want to buy, but multiple regulatory bodies have yet to give their approval to build the necessary facilities and environmental groups oppose most projects.  The same is true of American coal.  The U.S. has coal that it wants to sell and that foreign users want to buy. The U.S. has the means to extract the coal and the railroad capacity to get it to the coast.  But environmentalists have stopped all new coal loading facilities and expansions of existing ones.  It is clear that our own government is the cause of our economic problems.  It creates bureaucracies whose only jobs are to find reasons not to do something; it gives veto power to environmental groups with no standing; and it treats the environment as if it were an individual rather than a resource owned by someone with rights to use it.  Our government is destroying our country and our liberty.

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