Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Oh, the horror of cheaper Chinese goods!

Re: Cheaper Chinese Currency Has Global Impact

China's money dictators have decided to put all Chinese exports on sale, allowing people in foreign countries to buy more Chinese goods for the same amount of local currency or invest in any manner of other financial transactions that will increase their quality of life including (dare I say the name?) saving! Oh, the horror of it all.American politicians are fretting that prices actually may fall, benefiting everyone from the unemployed to the rich. This, my friends, is a situation that cannot be tolerated, for the politicians' supporters in industry do not wish to allow their fellow Americans to enjoy a higher standard of living. Oh, no. We Americans must pay higher prices for fewer American goods of lower quality. This is the path to prosperity. If you cannot understand this logic, then it is obvious that you do not have a degree in economics from a large American university.


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