Saturday, February 20, 2016

The ECB will destroy the euro and all economies using it

From Open Europe news summary:

ECB accounts hint at further easing in March

The ECB yesterday released the accounts of its January monetary policy meeting, which showed unanimous support for the view that the bank’s policy “needed to be reviewed and possibly reconsidered” at the March meeting.  The accounts also mention that a view was put forward that the ECB could “consider a limited period of overshooting [its inflation target] in future.” The discussions also considered that downside risks were materialising and whether domestic demand could continue to offset weakness in external demand for the Eurozone.

It's all "demand", as if demanding a good or service will magically bring that good or service into existence. This is the classic Keynesian outlook on the world. It makes one wonder why pathetically poor Africans and Asians remain in such a state. Do they not "demand" more goods and services, too?

The ECB's inflationist policies will destroy the euro and the economies of Europe which use it. Time for Germany, especially, to get out of the Eurozone and reinstate the Deutsche Mark before the ECB manages to transfer all of its capital to the rest of Europe. Once Germany is dragged down to the level of Greece, etc., it's all over for Europe.

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