Thursday, September 15, 2011

Germany's FDP May Reinvent Themselves as Eurosceptics

From today's Open Europe news summary:

In the FT, Quentin Peel notes that the “Free Democratic party, the junior member of [Chancellor Angela Merkel’s] coalition that has seen its support collapse in a series of state elections, is flirting with the temptation of walking out and reinventing itself as a eurosceptic champion.”

This is GOOD news! The FDP needs to represent free markets and free people in Germany and forge links to UKIP in England and the True Finns in Finland. Each new poll shows that a majority of the German populace want out of the EU and back on the DM. There is nothing threatening in any of this (in contrast to to the Polish prime minister's comments that a breakup of the EU would mean the possibility of war in Europe within ten years. This is tantamount to claiming that free markets and free people cause war, when the opposite is the case).

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