Friday, September 16, 2011

Put Your Own House in Order

From today's Open Europe blog, quoting British Deputy PM Nick Clegg (my emphasis):

On his part, Nick Clegg said last month

"Countries like the UK should not see ourselves as spectators, watching from the wings, triumphalist, complacent, as if Europe's economic woes are a eurozone problem, rather than a problem for all of us - as if it is enough to put your own house in order, but then stand by and let the neighbourhood crumble."

Why "yes", Nick, it IS enough to put one's own house in order. In fact, that is the most important job of any politician. It is mere hubris to believe that a political leader has any kind of mandate, let alone effective control, over the internal affairs of any other nation. Put your own house in order and set a good example for others to follow. That will have more positive and lasting impact on world affairs than pompous pronouncements of international agreements that everyone knows will be broken. Oh, and by the way, this goes double for President Obama.

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